How might we help a company to bridge the gap between business goals/organization and users/client’s experiences by creating innovation services & products?

I am Stéphane, a service designer with experiences abroad, not only in UX Research/Digital marketing agencies, but also in startup/large organisations.

I am an observer by nature, a passionate learner, a realistic dreamer. I love sharing experiences and embraces people’s stories.

Tell me yours?


How can I help you?

Understanding users by involving organizations through fun, pragmatics, and effective workshops. Find creative solutions by encouraging collective intelligence. Design by doing is my leitmotiv because it is the best way to learn. I readily subscribe to a human-centred approach and a holistic Design system.

UX Researcher

From the exploratory phase to the evaluation, I use and mixt quantitative and qualitative research according to your goals, budget, and planning with a strong background in research at AXA, Axance, SQLI.

observation, user interview, user/usability test, card sorting, focus group, expert evaluation, guerilla test…

Service Designer

Certified Design sprint master at Le laptop, I facilitate workshops and adapt the Google/IDEO methodology to discover, explore, and test vision, new services, products, and organizations.

Lean canvas, empathy map, personae, experience map/customer journey, service blueprint, job-to-be-done, prototype,…

Product designer

With a strong experience in Agile projects (Scrum) and therefore an MVP logic, I focus on the expected ROI of each feature with a good balance between user research and developers solutions at SQLI, Emakina, Axance.

users scenario, user stories, wireframe, prototype, atomic design…

Need to share and have a discussion?

I am based in Brussels. As a freelance designer abroad, I have experience in remote workshops. However, I love to move to France, Germany, and Spain to meet colleagues, friends and observe cultural differences. Feel free to contact me and let a message:




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